Georgia’s HB 757 Religious Freedom Bill

My brief thoughts on Georgia’s HB 757 Religious Freedom Bill:

(Disclaimer:  I’m just a Georgian who cares about liberty for ALL).


This doesn’t cover ALL the points of the bill; rather, only nonprofits and pastors are covered.  The wording of the bill only protects nonprofits & pastors.  It does NOT protect for-profit businesses.  With that being said, here we go:



  • I don’t expect other people with different lifestyle choices to change the way they live just because I disagree. By the same token, the LGBT community should likewise not discriminate against those who feel they must adhere to strictly held religious beliefs.  Each faction should show enough deference for the other so as not to obstruct the liberties of anyone, period.


  • If a pastor cannot, for the sake of conscience, perform a same sex wedding ceremony, there are PLENTY of others who will have no problem with making your day special. There’s NO REASON to use lawsuits to punish those of us who simply disagree with a chosen lifestyle.


  • Read the actual wording of the bill here.


To conclude, I’d like to add that I do believe all are created in the image of God.  Those living alternative lifestyles should not be attacked, bullied, harassed, or mistreated.  Being refused service because of someone’s religious convictions is not a personal attack or slander against those being refused service.  Simply go somewhere else to get the assistance needed.


No one expects a Muslim to perform a same sex wedding ceremony; likewise, no one expects anyone living an alternative lifestyle to have to participate in any activity they don’t wish to.  Please don’t expect Pastors to perform that which their conscience refuses to allow them to carry out.


About Jewel Wilson

A wife, mom, caregiver, Christian, conservative--Patriot (& I love cats!) I don't have all the answers, but I love to be intellectually challenged!

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